Today’s workplace is evolving, and how employees process and consume content is evolving too. According to a research report from Melcrum, over 50% of communicators say that employees expect video when tuning into corporate branding messages, and 66% of communicators reported that they regularly or on an ‘ad hoc’ basis, use video to support internal comm. Enter the newest champion of video – Internal Communications.

Branding starts with your employees.

Forward thinking brands are investing in internal communications to excite and engage employees. These companies recognize employees are their best ambassadors to evangelize their story, products, and services. And as the workforce becomes younger, effective visual communications becomes a requirement and not just a nice to have.  “Make no mistake, evangelism for any business starts with your employees. If you truly want to succeed, you need to educate your employees about the meaningful work you’re doing across your organization. More importantly, you need to get them excited about it”. The Content Strategist

And nothing is more compelling than to have engaged employees. Innovative brands, like Nike, are embracing it with fervor.  Nike is investing in internal communications programs to excite and engage their employees.  Content marketing videos are used by internal communications as a strategic step toward building an aware, informed, and motivated workforce and in a timely way.

Accessibility and distribution.

As organizations morph from a brick-and-mortar model into a mobile and geographically dispersed workforce, how we engage and communicate with our employees must change with it.  Video is not only the preferred medium of communication of both executives and employees, but it is also the most accessible and easily distributed way to disseminate corporate messages.  And with new advances in video platforms, such as dynamic interactive tools, it’s easier than ever to measure engagement and collaboration.

Internal communication videos are well suited for email, company intranets, corporate meetings, or on social media channels (if appropriate).  Whether integrated into your internal communications strategy or as a complement to traditional communications, the video makes all your communication more engaging and more accessible.

Video for internal communications is as important as video for external customers.  Just as video drives customer engagement and loyalty, it also drives employee engagement and loyalty.  Embrace the visual and start thinking video for the next corporate event – whether it is quarterly earnings and business results, a new company merger, or something traditional like a product launch or training activity.  And remember, production value matters.  Your employees are customers too.

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