Enhancing executive communication with
AVI-SPL VideoLink’s ReadyCam® Studio


A failed CNBC interview with the Chairman and CEO sparked interest in an alternative to their web conferencing platform for broadcasts. In addition, they had no in-house staff readily available to support the increasing demand for executive video messaging.


The executive IT support team explored several options before settling on the AVI-SPL VideoLink ReadyCam Studio, installed in 2021 near the CEO’s office. The compact studio included professional lighting, high-quality camera, superior audio equipment, and a simplified, remote control user interface.


The studio has not only served the CEO but the entire executive staff, who love the convenience and flexibility it offers. The objective was achieved at a lower cost than any alternatives.

The Client

  • Global research intensive biopharmaceutical company
  • Over $14 billion net worth in 2022
  • The organization is headquartered in northeastern United States
Entry to executive communication studio
Product photo of ReadyCam Studio
Biopharmaceutical ReadyCam Studio

biopharmaceutical company realizes need to enhance executive video

In an effort to strengthen executive communication, the biopharmaceutical company recognized the  importance of effective video messaging. Their goal was to create content not only to its employees, but also its critical stakeholders, including investors and partners.

Notably, they required a dependable, high-quality, and cost-effective method for their CEO to conduct  interviews with major media outlets like CNBC. Faced with these challenges, the company embarked on a search for an efficient and professional solution. 

Decision to install
ReadyCam Studio technology leads to immediate benefits

The 2021 investment in a ReadyCam Studio highlighted the company’s commitment to
maintaining high messaging standards and improving stakeholder relationships. The
studio was installed near the CEO’s office but was immediately in high demand by the
entire executive staff.

Benefits realized include:

  • Timely Messaging: Accessibility allowed executives to record short-notice video
    messages without scheduling conflicts.
  • Versatility and Efficiency: The user-friendly studio accommodated live TV
    interviews, virtual presentations, and pre-recorded messages.
  • Elevated Message Delivery: Superior camera, lighting, and audio components
    enhanced visual and auditory quality, making messages impactful.
  • Staffing flexibility: The studio’s easy to use internet based control portal
    enables the executive IT support staff to operate the studio, eliminating
    dependence on scarce video professional resources.
  • ROI Realization: A year post-installation, the company’s analysis showed that
    savings surpassed the studio’s initial investment, affirming its cost-effectiveness.

Delivering timely
and impactful executive messages with a groundbreaking solution

The transformation of the company’s executive communication strategy through AVISPL VideoLink’s ReadyCam Studio speaks to the studio’s reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

After just a year with an on-site studio, the company saw substantial savings, without sacrificing the quantity or quality of their communications. Now, thanks to the ReadyCam Studio, executives can confidently appear on live TV again.

As the company expands its use of video communications, their studio remains an essential tool for executive communication, strengthening connections with employees, partners, and investors alike.