ReadyCam® Studio

Remote-controlled video broadcast studio

ReadyCam Studio is a single-camera studio designed for enterprise video communications. From one dedicated location, executives can: 

> record broadcast-quality video

> host live TV interviews

> broadcast live streams and webcasts

> record on-demand video

And using its remote-control interface, your team can easily manage production from a single webpage, anywhere in the world, at any time.  

ReadyCam studio in use

We can shoot a video that is, say eight to 10 minutes, download it, edit it, and have a turnkey video in less than 30 minutes.”
Marketplace Chaplains, CG Maclin

User-friendly broadcast video

No technical experience or travel required

With ReadyCam, anyone can walk in, mic up, and record. Executives focus on their message, not the technology.

And, the studio’s remote control design makes it easy for your teams to operate. There’s no technical experience or travel required. We handle it all.

VideoLink professionals are available 24/7/365 to remotely produce content with your ReadyCam studio and our post-production facilities.

How ReadyCam can benefit your organization

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Record single-camera videos through an easily accessible process using your own resources.

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Cost savings

Remote-control feature records your video at a significant savings below using a traditional video crew and travel costs.

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Quickly and easily participate in live TV interviews and video events or record ad-hoc video announcements.

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Your video stays on brand across live broadcasts, corporate announcements, and streaming events.

Affordable and Dependable HD Video Transmission

Our patented transmission network, EnhancedIP® delivers broadcast-quality, HD video anywhere in the world. The low-latency IP network lets you easily book, manage, and monitor transmission feeds while receiving real-time analytics.

ReadyCam is an ideal fit for:

> Corporations

> C-level executives

> Financial services

> Health systems

> Higher education

> Law firms

> Think tanks

“Implementing ReadyCam was really easy to do. And, from a cost standpoint, it was pretty simple, because I didn’t need to hire staff.”
– Robyn Tice, Director of Media Relations, Eaton Vance

Why choose ReadyCam Studio for your executive video communications?

> Produce video in half the time compared to traditional studios

> Minimal on-site technical staffing with remote VideoLink support

> Remote control via user-friendly web portal

> 24/7 operational support for live TV interviews

> Small studio footprint

> All studio components fully integrated, tested, and supported

> Low latency, broadcast-quality video transmission

> Professional lighting and audio quality

> Instant access to television networks

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