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This map will provide you with a full list of all AVI-SPL VideoLink-operated facilities, categorized as one of the following types. Hover over each type for more details. Click on each studio in the map for more information.

Locations which control their studios locally but which use EIP as their transmission method. VideoLink only provides transmission services at these sites. EIP rates apply   EIP Transmit Sites
Privately owned insert studios, remotely-controlled by VideoLink. Guests available at these studios are limited to only those affiliated with that company/organization and must be requested/booked through their contacts. See VLGuru page for contact details. Studios and transmission are booked, controlled and billed by VideoLink. Hours of availability may vary. ReadyCam rates apply   Private ReadyCam Studios
ReadyCam studios which will allow unaffiliated guests to be sent to their studio in addition to affiliated guests. Guest requests must be made through studio contacts and additional fees may apply. Additional fees should be negotiated directly with the studio contact and will be billed separately from VideoLink's invoicing. ReadyCam rates apply.   ReadyCam Studios who accept unaffiliated guests
VideoLink staffed facilities offering insert studios, multi-camera studios, feed capabilities and alternative transmission options. Available 24/7/365 for live shots and productions. Insert studio and multi-camera rates apply.   VideoLink Offices
VideoLink owned, remote-controlled insert studios, co-located at organizations which are staffed locally. Any guest can be booked at these studios. Hours of operation and availability may vary. VideoLink ReadyCam Bureau rates apply.   VideoLink ReadyCam Bureaus
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Studio booking options

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Required booking details

> Date and Time (30-minute minimum window)
> ReadyCam studio name/ location
> Guest name
> IFB and PL preference
> Transmission preference

Please note for new customers, we require a valid credit card to secure your first three bookings.

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