Accelerating leadership visibility with ReadyCam® Studio


With their trusted video producer working remotely, a leading IT services provider faced challenges in meeting the rising demand for executive video communications. The C-suite was reluctant to continue creating video content due to the cost and inefficiency of third-party videographers.


The company decided to install a ReadyCam® Studio in the NYC office. Their customized setup allow their off-site producer to instantly record and access video files from hundreds of miles away.


The ReadyCam Studio provided the C-suite with a video sanctuary, free from the distractions and inefficiencies of a live production crew. They are now more comfortable creating videos and can do so without disrupting their busy schedules.

The Client

  • Global service provider for IT infrastructure
  • Fortune 500 company
  • Tens of thousands of global employees
  • Presence in over 60 countries
Corporate video sanctuary

Production inefficiencies hindered executive video communications

In the past, the company’s video producer would either have to fly to the NYC headquarters to record with the C-suite or hire a third-party production crew. This was costly, disruptive, and difficult to coordinate.

It resulted in an overwhelming pressure for executives to complete the videos on the crew’s terms – their timeline, their preferred location, and their eyes on and with a lot of unfamiliar people gathered around. As a result, most C-suite executives were reluctant to engage in video content creation.

Seamless remote recording sessions became a reality

A ReadyCam Studio was installed in the familiar comforts of the NYC corporate office in June of 2023. Once an underutilized co-working space, the private broadcast studio now boasts a lighting grid, 4k camera, and 85″ backdrop.

Thanks to the studio’s web-based controls, the company’s off-site video producer can do all the necessary set up and testing before the executives walk down the hall to the studio.

Streamlined production workflow fast-tracks return on investment

The ReadyCam Studio created a video sanctuary – a private, distraction-free environment for the C-suite to record videos on their own schedules.
Because it is both easy to use and access, the studio has enabled the global technology company to:

  • Improve leadership visibility. Removing production barriers encouraged frequent executive video communication.
  • Create more video content. The turnaround time for a complete, edited video has drastically decreased without the need for travel or shipping hard drives.
  • Achieve a fast ROI. Within 12 months the studio had generated enough cost savings from production efficiencies to surpass the original equipment and installation costs.