ReadyCam Studio enables unprecedented
content creation and viewership

Law firm’s video marketing campaign achieves over a million views


An international law firm recognized that video was crucial for their marketing going forward, but lacked the in-house resources to successfully promote their brand and lawyers. There was a strategic imperative to produce high-quality video content themselves, efficiently and at scale.


A new ReadyCam Studio was installed at the company’s headquarters and a dedicated video producer was hired to support scalable use.


The firm’s in-house studio eliminated obstacles to professional video content creation. It drove record usage that translated into over a million views on their most successful video marketing campaign to date.

The Client

  • Headquartered in New York City
  • More than 10 international offices
  • Extensive list of practice areas
  • Generates over $1 billion in revenue each year
Product photo of ReadyCam Studio

Content demand
outpaced video
production capacity

More than a decade ago, the law firm’s marketing department recognized that video was the way of the future.

“It was the way to create the best visibility and the highest level of engagement,” the Director of Strategic Communications reflected, “And so we adopted pretty early into video.”

The goal was to create engaging, high-quality content efficiently, but the firm’s limited in-house resources capped content volume. It became a strategic necessity to find a cost-effective way to scale video production to the desired level.

Torrent of
video content
followed inhouse

The ReadyCam Studio “became a word-of-mouth success,” one employee explained.

“Once people got to the studio and saw how we ran things and saw how it was really
professional…. we started creating more and better marketing content.”

The ease-of-use and flexibility has resulted in an ever-growing demand. In 2022 alone, the firm produced over 200 videos – a volume previously unimaginable.

Thanks to the remotely controlled 4K camera, DMX lighting, and customizable backdrop, it only took minutes for one producer to power-on the system and complete a full recording. And the firm’s lawyers were thrilled by the polished, high-end experience.

The Director of Strategic Communications noted the studio “was a key factor in allowing us to take the next step – to evolve our video marketing capabilities to the point where we can really leverage it quickly and efficiently and keep it professional.”

reached the

This enormous growth in video content also enabled experimentation into new platforms and campaigns. In 2022, their innovative video series generated over 1 million views. This was a record marketing success for the firm and powerful proof of their revolutionized capabilities.

Far beyond the operational savings, the ReadyCam Studio transformed the company’s ability to produce content themselves. The studio’s installation led to a loyalty loop: the more video created, the more teams wanted to participate, leading to even more content.

The million-view milestone was merely the first domino to fall. The firm continues to create engaging content, podcasts, attorney profiles, recruiting and DEI testimonials, and more.