EnhancedIP® video transmission

ReadyCam MCS Studio

Save money and simplify video feed booking and monitoring.

VideoLink has transformed video transmission into an affordable and dependable service.

Our patented EnhancedIP (EIP) network eliminates expensive fiber network connections and delivers studio-quality HD video anywhere in the world.

Affordable and dependable HD video transmission

Our patented transmission network, EnhancedIP delivers broadcast-quality, HD video anywhere in the world. The low-latency IP network lets you easily book, manage, and monitor transmission feeds, while receiving real-time analytics.

The EIP network is a managed IP video transmission service with a cloud-based user interface that enables clients to easily book and manage transmission feeds and monitor them with real-time statistical data any time of day.  The network simplifies video transmission and provides cost effective, reliable, low-latency IP-based video transmission services for networks, corporate clients, and production and transmission partners.

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