Soaring to new heights:

Transforming video communications with AVI-SPL VideoLink’s ReadyCam® Studio


A leading aerospace manufacturer needed to respond to increasing demand from its employee base, investors and partners for high quality and timely video communication from its executive staff. Existing methods were slow and expensive.


The company installed an in-house ReadyCam Studio
near their CEO’s office to streamline video production.


The manufacturer increased executive visibility through
live and recorded video. Communicating via video became more convenient, more cost effective and efficient.

The Client

  • Global aerospace manufacturer
  • Fortune 100 company
  • Over 110k global employees
  • Has a presence in over 50 countries
Product photo of ReadyCam Studio
ReadyCam Studio in an aerospace manufacturer's HQ

Executive video communications could not keep pace with global aerospace manufacturer’s demand

The aerospace industry moves at hyper-speeds not often found in corporate
communications. For a leading defense manufacturer, keeping pace with the
demand for C-suite video messaging is essential for maintaining a relationship
with their stakeholders.

Frequently relying on third-party videographers proved both inefficient and
costly; each video shoot required significant lead time and drained budgets at
$1,700 per shoot.

Installation of a ReadyCam Studio drastically improves communication efficiency

Recognizing the need for an in-house solution, the manufacturer installed a
ReadyCam Studio near their CEO’s office in late 2021. The compact yet powerful
studio integrated professional lighting, broadcast-quality camera, and simplified

The studio delivered impressive results:

    • Agile Communication: Executives easily record timely videos, no longer bound by third-party schedules.
    • CEO-Ready: The CEO nails TV interviews, including CNBC, using the studio’s exceptional production capabilities.
    • Streamlined Efficiency: Studio setup takes only 10 minutes versus hours previously. Executives are in and out within 30 minutes.
    • Resilient Operations: With intuitive web-based controls, staff easily operate the studio. Production continues despite employee absences.

Delivering timely messages helps executive communications soar

The manufacturer quickly realized a substantial return on investment. By bringing video production in-house, they gained savings, control, and quality.

As demand escalates, the ReadyCam Studio helps this aerospace leader continue to innovate and take their video communication to new heights.