By Kevin McCarthy


Recently my son, a freshman in college, had an opportunity to interview for an internship with a highly sought after organization. Interviewing is new to him, and requires more preparation, formality, and thought (a suit and tie approach) than the simple donut shop interview.

“Golf shirt and khakis won’t cut it,” I told him. “Polish up the resume. Have references lined up and educate yourself on the organization. Do a practice interview with your mom (I would just make him laugh).”

Initially reluctant, he understood the importance of preparedness and presentation. He even emailed his college’s resource center to reserve a suit. Yes, his college provides suits and dresses to students for interviews. This opportunity was important to my son. A casual approach (Golf shirt and khakis) was not appropriate for professionally representing himself. How a person prepares and presents themselves can also be applied to company communication.


Ask yourself, “What is your message? Who is your audience, and how important is it?”.

The weekly team meeting will most likely have a different level of importance than the quarterly companywide town-hall. Sitting in front of your laptop and connecting to your company’s web-based meeting app works well for small group communication. However, is it right for a CEO address to thousands of employees about whether the company hit its annual goals?

A higher-quality formal “suit and tie” approach, supported by an experienced video production company, may be needed.

Communicating an important message requires a solution with a higher probability of success.

Broadcast quality cameras and microphones, operated by experienced technicians, combined with a robust web-streaming service, are critical to formal video production.  Additional content, such as remote presenters, videos, and slides can easily be integrated into your presentation as well.

To plan and manage the technology needed to communicate your message, a production manager is essential to the delivery of your message.

By taking the “suit and tie” approach to company communication, your team will see and hear the importance of your message. Your preparation and attention to detail will leave a lasting positive impression on your audience.

If the “suit and tie” approach is appropriate for your company communication needs, or if you want to know if my son got that internship, give us a call at 617-340-4370.