Consumers increasingly demand corporate transparency – and they’re willing to pay for it.

According to William Craig, a Forbes contributor, “A number of polls through the years indicate at least two-thirds of consumers would spend more if it meant buying from a transparent company.”

Clients need to be able to trust the company with which they do business. With the growth of social media and the popularization of online customer reviews, it has become more and more difficult for companies to control their own narrative.

It’s not just consumers either. Results show that a company’s transparency directly affects employee happiness, productivity, and communications. When employees believe in their company’s overall mission and understand their company’s vision, they are more likely to stick around for the long-term. The more employees and consumers trust a company, the more successful the company will be – both in terms of sales and customer satisfaction.

So how can you cultivate corporate transparency and enhance your company’s culture? One very effective way is video.

Video is quickly becoming, if not already, the most popular means for widespread communications. Executives support it because it produces measurable results and allows them to communicate unfiltered messages to both internal and external audiences. Audiences love it because it can be consumed quickly and easily. Even employees prefer video to outdated email chains and company newsletters. That’s why I’ve put together some ways you can use live video and communications to improve your company’s transparency.

Control Your Narrative

News travels fast across social media – whether or not said news is true. As such, many companies have difficulty controlling their own narrative. However, video can help your company control its narrative and resonate positively with consumers.

Video allows you to immediately reach your customer base, show corporate solidarity in your messaging, and confront news directly. You can do this instantaneously now through live TV interviews, corporate announcements, or live streaming to one of the many streaming platforms accessible across the internet.

These efforts to control your narrative can extend far and beyond company messaging, marketing, or news. Live and recorded video can also be incredibly effective in crisis management. Government agencies, for example, can employ video on live TV and social media to inform the public in times of crisis.

Improve Corporate Communications

Today’s workforce values positive and transparent company culture more than any generation before. A company’s communication’s success now depends, not only on external relations but on employee relations as well. That means showing your employees that your company values them just as much as its customers. You can provide transparency into corporate events, promote positive company culture, and engage employees through:

  • Product launch event
  • Town hall meetings
  • Live interactive training
  • Webinars
  • Companywide announcements
  • Orientation/on-boarding
  • Executive messages (delivered directly to employees, reducing the chance of miscommunication)

Video is a must-have in every marketing and communications strategy. Whether you are trying to connect with clients, improve your company’s image, or engage with employees, video provides an easy and effective means of communication.

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