Ensure quality and consistency in personnel and broadcasts


An exciting feature in today’s vehicles is the new adaptive cruise setting. Standard car speed control allows drivers to reach and stay at a preferred speed until traffic forces change, like turning off speed control, changing lanes, or hitting the brakes. With adaptive cruise, the vehicle consistently adjusts for changing traffic speeds along the route automatically – minimizing the driver’s need to act and reducing risk.

In the world of enterprise-level video production, an organization’s speed control typically involves driving toward a series of quality video productions over a set time period. Broadcast processes often require an organization to pick up independent production professionals from third-party staffing agencies along the way.


Speed control: standard managed video production model


Talent is selected to best match upcoming productions. They are trained on required production practices, equipment, technology, and standards. From there, the organization is ready to go for the duration of its production drive… until something changes.

The speed control process can run smoothly. It has been a solid system for years. But as many of us know, in video production, there are many adjustments to be accounted for, like:

> Production organizer schedule changes

> Shifts in talent availability

> Out of scope broadcast requirements become in-scope

> Hired individual’s expertise may not meet new needs

> New technology introduction requires new skills and changes workflows

> Day of production hiccups

An organization now must make changes on the road to the production destination, leading to:

> Production delays

> Time constraints for production personnel

> Increased production and labor costs

> Inconsistency in production quality, risking damage to the brand

What if we could take a leap forward from speed control productions to a new “adaptive cruise” broadcast production managed services approach? What if we could create a custom solution that accounts for changes in broadcast productions and delivers consistent quality for the duration of the drive? Buckle up! We can.

Adaptive Cruise: Managed Video Production Partnership

Establishing an “adaptive cruise” style broadcast production managed service begins by flipping the practice on itself. Instead of finding personnel to staff your positions, find a video production partner that has the capacity and ability to:

> Consistently deliver quality broadcasts based on the organization’s ultimate long-term goals.

> Adapt to the organization’s needs.

> Assign knowledgeable and flexible on-site production crews.

> Establish remote broadcast redundancies to deliver quality broadcasts despite shifts in scope.

> Constantly stay on top of and integrate best practices into productions.

What does the adaptive cruise approach do for enterprise video productions long-term?


When you use the adaptive cruise approach, you have:

> Production peace of mind.

> More time to focus on content and messaging.

> Time to react to changes in scope.

> Experienced professionals readily available on-site when you need them.

> Greater resources to ensure consistent quality broadcasts.

VideoLink offers a service like this, Enterprise Video Managed Services. We adapt to partner-specific production requirements, knowing no organization’s capabilities and requirements are the same. Our senior production professionals review the desired production results and work backwards – assessing production volume, facilities, and staffing requirements.

We work with enterprise-level organizations to assess and focus production needs on their end goals, providing:

> A production roadmap

> Synergized personnel.

> Remote broadcast backups and redundancy.

> Key factor metrics and production postmortems.

Our production experts take each step to ensure long-term production quality, consistency, and adaptability.

If you would like to discuss the dynamic range of your video production needs, or just want to talk the latest car tech trends, reach out at sales@videolinktv.com or 617-340-4200.