Video has become an essential communication tool for organizations of all sizes. But without a strategic approach, it’s easy for video initiatives to become disjointed and difficult to manage. An “enterprise video ecosystem” aims to fix this problem.

By coordinating people, processes, and technologies, enterprises can use video to achieve larger organizational goals while maximizing ROI. Learn more about the components of an enterprise video ecosystem so you can leverage it to achieve your goals.

What is enterprise video?

Enterprise video is a holistic strategy to optimize organizational
messaging for internal and external audiences through
the proactive design, deployment, and use of video

What is an enterprise video ecosystem?

It is the strategic combination of people, processes, and technologies which enables an enterprise to capture and deliver broadcast quality video from any lens to any screen™. AVI-SPL VideoLink helps enterprises manage these ecosystems with strategic analysis, cost-effective products and services, and routine adjustments to support larger goals.

How do I capitalize on the benefits of an enterprise video ecosystem?

First, an enterprise has to make the conscious decision to adopt a video ecosystem mindset. This means getting the various stakeholders to understand and agree that video is not just a tool, but a way of thinking.

Then, using this mindset, you’ll be able to see how video can be maximized to benefit every aspect of your business.

What are the benefits of an enterprise video ecosystem?

The use and quality of, as well as the required investment in video is rapidly increasing. For this reason, an enterprise video ecosystem is the key to scaling your video initiatives. In due time an enterprise can maintain, optimize, and/ or increase the quality and reliability of their video content.

Given that, specific benefits may include:

  • Futureproofing of equipment investments
  • Interoperability
  • Optimized staffing levels (cross-training, remote technologies, etc.)
  • Increased responsiveness and quality of service
  • Alignment of messaging across platforms
  • Reduced development cost (reusing assets strategically)
  • Increased employee engagement
What types of content make up an enterprise video ecosystem?

Every video ecosystem is different but will likely contain both internal and external communications. Examples include digital signage, training videos, HR videos (DEI, recruitment, etc.), product spotlights, video advertising and more. Additionally, an enterprise video ecosystem can include broadcasting events, whether they take place in-person, hybrid, or fully virtual. The ecosystem approach ensures that all content has consistent messaging, branding, and quality.

What hurdles do enterprises typically face when implementing their video ecosystem?
  • Connecting video strategy to broader corporate goals
  • Managing complex mix of stakeholders and use cases
  • Keeping pace with changing technology
  • Achieving interoperability between systems
  • Ensuring content consistency and quality
  • Mitigating compliance and risk factors
Who is responsible for maintaining an enterprise video ecosystem?

The deployment of people, processes, and technology will require expertise in a variety of fields. The specific roles and desired skillsets will vary depending on the size and complexity of the ecosystem.

Key responsibilities may include:

  • The technological design, implementation, and maintenance of the video infrastructure
  • The creation, management, and delivery of new and existing content.
  • General support for end users and encouragement of internal usage/engagement
  • Advising and overseeing hardware and software updates, troubleshooting problems, and ensuring digital security

A growing number of enterprises are choosing to offload some or all these responsibilities to a third party. AVI-SPL VideoLink’s Managed Services furthers the enterprise video goals of multiple Fortune 500 companies with on-site staff in a variety of roles.

What are the best practices for managing a video ecosystem as an enterprise grows?

Ensure that each process, job position, and technology onboarded into your enterprise video ecosystem is:

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