Broadcast-quality video from any lens to any screen™ is not just AVI-SPL VideoLink’s tagline. It’s our strategic approach to video content and has shaped our products and services over the last two decades.

President & CEO, Rich Silton, is an early adopter of the Enterprise Video approach. Read on for his perspective on why it’s time to invest in enterprise video.

Why choose enterprise video?

For nearly two decades, our unwavering focus has been on championing Enterprise Video solutions. Our every endeavor during this span has revolved around catering to our customers by offering the most comprehensive Enterprise Video Ecosystem available. This overarching strategy, encapsulated in our tagline, delivering broadcast-quality video from any lens to any screen™, succinctly captures our mission.

To bring our brand’s promise to life, we’ve curated an unparalleled suite of products and services. This assortment includes our patented remotely controlled broadcast studios (currently deployed in over 250 single and multi-camera setups), agency-grade creative services, proficient studio and remote production teams, as well as on-site Managed Services. This brings together seasoned broadcast professionals and continuously evolving best practices right at our clients’ doorstep. But our journey doesn’t end here!

What is the end goal?

Embracing a holistic Enterprise Video approach will usher in a plethora of advantages for your organization, including:

      • Safeguarding investments in equipment for the future
      • Ensuring seamless interoperability
      • Streamlining staffing levels through cross-training and remote technologies
      • Enhancing responsiveness and service quality
      • Maximizing resource utilization
      • Harmonizing messaging and maintaining brand consistency across diverse platforms
      • Trimming development costs by strategic asset creation and reuse
      • Boosting employee engagement, especially in the context of a move towards Return to Office (RTO)

Given the proliferation of video content and the escalating investment therein, coupled with the rapid rise of AI and its associated applications (with a special focus on virtual production), it becomes imperative for business leaders to adopt a deliberate “Enterprise Video” strategy to address their communication challenges. In this interconnected landscape, no lens or screen should remain isolated. Whichever partner you choose, the time for action is now – don’t delay.

Richard Silton

Richard Silton

President & CEO, AVI-SPL VideoLink