Broadcast network multi-camera studio programming is a top-tier video production format.

With advancements in internet-based broadcast transmission quality, remote-control technologies, and increased use of web-based and enterprise-grade platforms, it is now possible for organizations to feature multi-camera studio productions as a prominent video production format.

Here are five reasons to make remote multi-camera studio productions your organization’s broadcast standard.

1. REMI Broadcast Operations & Reduced Footprint

A typical multi-camera studio installation requires an on-site control room and a video production team to operate cameras, audio, and lighting.

A REMI (remote integration model) -based studio production is operated remotely from an organization’s or a video production partner’s off-site control room located miles or entire countries away.

Remote control lets an organization place multi-camera studios in smaller locations and is much less expensive than previously possible.

2. Global Studio Placement

REMI productions have been around for decades – primarily in sports. Many sports events on TV and the web broadcast using REMI production techniques.

The same concept can be placed in any office location, making it possible for executives, experts, and pundits to broadcast globally from a professional studio environment anywhere in the world.


3. Broadcast-quality content when and where you need it.


Having a studio within a local facility opens up many more video content creation possibilities across departments, including professionally produced:

> Town Hall Meeting Presentations

> Department Updates

> Market Updates

> Media Training

> Live and Recorded Interviews

> Video Messaging

4. Custom-branded Studio Experience Anywhere

A professionally designed studio offers more opportunities for your organization to present its brand and story how you decide. The infusion of remote multi-camera studio environments delivers a sense of confidence to an organization’s presenters, audience, and overall look and feel.

5. Minimize Talent Time In-Studio

Off-site studio control minimizes talent time in-studio, allowing them to stay focused on their message and not technology management.

Remotely Managed Full-Service Studio Productions

VideoLink has launched a REMI production solution, called ReadyCam® MCS, that delivers on the advantages listed above and more.

ReadyCam MCS is a multi-camera studio adaptable for small event environments. It features all capabilities associated with a traditional studio. ReadyCam MCS is controlled by our video production experts from an off-site control room or via VideoLink’s patented VLGateway web portal.

Give us a call at 617-340-4200 if you are ready to raise your broadcast standards or streamline your studio production processes with remote multi-camera studio production.