From under-performing

webinar to hit show

VLCreative’s viewer-centric approach delivers results


A global technology company was seeking to improve the return on investment (ROI) on their “look-live” webinar series. Their goals were to increase engagement and leads per event.


The client partnered with VLCreative to transform their traditional webinars into unique virtual shows. With creative direction and production services that focused on viewer needs, the team developed an innovative format to re-shape the brand’s valuable content.


The webinar garnered significantly improved feedback from attendees. View durations increased dramatically, confirming elevated engagement levels.

The Client

• Global technology company

• More than 70 international locations

• Fortune 500 company

• Over 10k patents

Corporate man and woman presenting in a studio in front of a tv screen with animations playing

Client turns to an innovative video partner for new ideas

Faced with the challenge of improving their look-live webinar ROI, the client sought a partner who could provide a multifaceted solution. Positive testimonials and our distinct ability to provide production capabilities, studio resources, and video strategy, led them to VLCreative by AVI-SPL VideoLink.

A customized production transforms the webinar into a must-see event

The creative strategy involved shifting the approach from a talking-heads web series to a unified and creative broadcast-style show.

VLCreative developed an overarching show theme, “The Formula for Success” that fit the client’s branding and highlighted the keynote speaker, a Formula 1 racecar driver. The theme was integrated across every aspect of the event, including:

        • Set design
        • Show open
        • Show promotion
        • Speaker ID cards
        • Interstitial “commercials”
        • Platform navigation

The most notable deliverable aside from the webinar was the promotional package. Eye-catching, themed animations alongside the event details provided a sneak preview via the client’s social media accounts.

Racecar animation

Live event garners extensive positive feedback

Our collaborative efforts paid off with excellent attendance and a high volume
of positive post-show attendee feedback. The client’s Global Marketing Lead remarked, “The event turned out BEAUTIFUL and we could have not done it without all of you. We have been getting really great feedback.” Notably, a vocal sales director called to share his appreciation – stating it was the first time he watched the full event.