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Walk in, mic up and record. Live TV and video are that fast with the ReadyCam video studio. All you need is your talent and your idea.

The ReadyCam in-house, remotely-controlled studio enables your executives and experts to quickly respond to live TV interview requests and eliminate travel and scheduling challenges. It’s also the simplest solution for producing quick-turn branded video content, ranging from executive communications to live webcasts to on-demand videos. There’s no need for on-location video expertise as VideoLink professionals can handle all the production details for you remotely.


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Quickly appear on live TV networks and produce video.

See how the ReadyCam allows you to quickly respond to live network interview requests, manage a live SMT and easily record video communications.


Create a powerful global video network.

A remotely controlled video network provides greater flexibility and full control over the live and recorded video process. Your experts can now focus on the content and the message, and not worry about the process.

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Use ReadyCam video in a powerful, creative way.

See how Alcoa worked with our VLCreative team to incorporate ReadyCam video and pictures into a powerful, and visually appealing story to celebrate the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility.

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Remotely manage your studio with a receive station.

With a click of the mouse, you can control all technical and creative aspects of the video, including framing the shot, selecting the right backdrop for your video content and if needed, directing your talent.

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Customize your own studio.

Every studio layout and studio configuration is customized to client requirements. We recommend a windowless space that is 12’ x 16’. This allows for proper lens throw and lighting. If a 12’x 16’ space is not available, we will work with you to find an appropriate space.

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