VideoLink Opens a Broadcast Studio at Saint Anselm College

Manchester, N.H.(October 2009) – Television news and business networks can now access experts and sources from a live VideoLink production and broadcast studio that is now open at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H.

Housed at the college’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics (NHIOP), the studio is the only one of its kind.

About the new broadcast studio

VideoLink’s Saint Anselm/Manchester, N.H. bureau is now equipped with a ReadyCam® remote camera system. It is remotely controlled and managed by VideoLink’s Boston-based operations team. Television journalists can interview local experts, including faculty experts from Saint Anselm, as well as political, business and civic leaders live from the studio. Guests can appear on television networks from Manchester, without extensive travel or requiring a TV crew to come to them.

“I am truly excited by the opportunities this partnership with VideoLink will provide our students, faculty and the Greater Manchester community,” said Neil Levesque, executive director of the NHIOP. “Our faculty will have the opportunity to share their expertise with wider audiences, the community will have a first-class broadcast studio at easy access and reasonable rates. And our students will see first hand how a first-rate video production studio works.”

Uses of the studio

CEOs can use the studio for product launches at national sales meetings, while political and civic organizations can use it to get their message out and reach their membership. With a fiber optic link from the college, the studio enables teleconferencing, transmitting speeches, and remote training. With VideoLink’s production expertise, companies can offer Web-based earnings reports and make other creative uses of the broadcast studio’s technology.

One of the most visible uses of the studio, however, will be during the mid-term election and presidential primary seasons. That is when the NHIOP and, indeed, the entire Saint Anselm campus becomes a forum for candidates who come to take the pulse of young people and make their case to voters. At the NHIOP live video studio; candidates will be able to reach out to regional and national audiences, as well.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Saint Anselm College on this project,” said Howard Miller, president of VideoLink. “The college and the New Hampshire Institute of Politics are located at the pulse of local and national politics, as well as being at the heart of presidential politics, with the first-in-the-nation primary. With VideoLink’s ReadyCam, the NHIOP will become an even more important center for news-making political discourse.”

Anyone can book the NHIOP/VideoLink broadcast studio by calling VideoLink at 617-340-4300. Saint Anselm College has experts in politics, health care, national security and other fields who are ready to appear on television.