Historically, broadcast quality video production has been both difficult and expensive for corporations, requiring expert professionals, expensive equipment, and a strong understanding of how video applications could be used strategically. VideoLink’s latest innovation, ReadyCam®2.0, is poised to take the guess work and added cost out of the high-quality video production equation. The ReadyCam®2.0 solution includes a high quality HD camera, professional lighting, studio-grade audio, a proprietary software-based user interface and transmission connectivity via the internet. The ReadyCam®2.0 is installed at the customer’s premises and is remotely controlled by VideoLink’s expertly trained video production staff at their headquarters in Newton, MA and from VideoLink studios in downtown Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Irvine, CA and Manchester, NH. Options like a branded electronic background or teleprompter add to the professional-grade studio experience.ReadyCam®2.0 is able to efficiently transmit SD and HD video over the internet to network news organizations, eliminating the present need for organizations to pay for expensive fiber lnes or satellite connections for network transmission. ReadyCam®2.0 can also transmit a Flash stream to web-based services like webcasting and virtual event platforms. In addition, the ReadyCam®2.0 will be compatible with most videoconferencing solutions. Rich Silton, President and CEO of VideoLink adds, “This is the first all-in-one, remotely controlled, video production solution on the market. We designed the ReadyCam®2.0 to eliminate the complexity and reduce the cost of high quality video production for corporate enterprise. We are confident that our customers will be able to distribute their messages faster, in higher quality, and in a more cost effective manner than ever before.”

VideoLink, Inc. is not new to the high-end video production and transmission space. VideoLink has been partnering with major network news organizations for nearly 20 years, producing everything from live inserts, to satellite media tours and remote productions for network TV news programs like Mad Money and Squawk Box. VideoLink hosts multi-cam studio productions, maintains four SD/HD satellite trucks and transmits live video from multiple studio locations and over 100 ReadyCam® studios around the globe.