BOSTON – August 10, 2017 – VideoLink LLC, an AVI-SPL company, is pleased to announce the addition of its newest broadcast studio in Tampa, Fl. VideoLink’s patented ReadyCam technology will power the studio now located inside the headquarters of parent company, AVI-SPL. Worldwide television and cable news networks subsequently have immediate access to the region’s top experts and personalities.

“Tampa—and the Central Florida region—is a hotbed for talented media guests. By adding a ReadyCam Studio, we can support our network partners’ growing need for a studio in the area,” said Lloyd Bunting, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “Now TV networks and local guests will never have to turn down a live shot from Tampa.”

About ReadyCam® Studio

The ReadyCam Studio is a convenient and easy-to-use broadcast solution. It is fully equipped with an HD camera, broadcast quality audio and lighting, an electronic backdrop, and IP-based transmission. Because of its remote control capabilities, VideoLink is able to support the studio 24/7/365. Moreover, remote operators can ensure a strong data connection, clear audio and visual, and prepare the guest prior to use.

About the studio in Tampa

The VideoLink Tampa studio is the ninth live TV insert studio in the company’s network of remote bureaus.  Presently, the most frequently booked locations include Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Mountain View, CA.

John Zettel, CEO of AVI-SPL, shares:

“We’re excited for the opportunity to welcome media guests to our new studio. And to provide broadcast quality video, audio, and production for television news networks at a moment’s notice.”

The Tampa studio is connected to VideoLink’s EIP transmission network and is now available for bookings. Network bookers and producers can book the live TV studio by contacting VideoLink at (617) 340-4300 or

To learn more about the ReadyCam Studio, visit

About VideoLink

VideoLink LLC, an AVI-SPL company, is a leading provider of video services to Fortune 500 enterprises. Clients use our video services to drive brand awareness and create more engagement with their customers. We are known to our clients for simplifying live TV appearances and lowering in-house video production costs. Additionally, we create results-driven branded video content strategies and deliver enterprise video production services.