The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) announced today the inauguration of a new on-site television studio which enables the media to have immediate  live or pre-recorded  interview access to prominent AEI scholars. These include some of America’s most accomplished public policy experts in the fields of economics, politics, defense and foreign policy, healthcare, retirement and tax, energy and environment, law, and education.

This broadcast-quality, 16:9 format system includes a remotely operated VideoLink ReadyCamtm system that can be connected to virtually any television network via fiber or satellite uplink.   VideoLink engineers handle all of the technical aspects of the interview, so that AEI scholars can be made available for interviews on short notice to comment on breaking news or other topics.

For a complete list of AEI scholars, visit:

To book a scholar to be interviewed via AEI’s ReadyCam:

  • Please contact the scholar or their research assistant directly to set up a date and time for the interview.
  • Once the interview is booked and the timing has been set, producers should call the 24-hour VideoLink Operations Center at (617) 340-4300 to book the AEI ReadyCam for the interview. Please note that you have to book the scholar interview first with AEI.

For additional help or other media inquiries, please contact Veronique Rodman at (202.862.4871) or Sara Huneke at (202.862.4870) in the AEI public affairs office.

For radio interviews: AEI has two ISDN lines. After an interview has been booked, please e-mail (202-862-4870) or (202-862-5806) to book the lines.

About VideoLink, Inc. 

VideoLink, headquartered in Newton, MA, is a leading provider of HD video production, broadcast and transmission services to major worldwide networks and corporations.