Investment and asset management experts can now easily connect with the international investment community through video communications

LOS ANGELESDoubleLine Capital installed a new VideoLink ReadyCam® Studio in its Los Angeles offices. Now their investment and asset management experts can immediately connect with worldwide TV and cable news networks. The studio also enables the team to quickly produce and record video communications about what is moving world economic markets.

ReadyCam Studio simplifies the live TV appearance process. Henceforth it will be fast and easy for DoubleLine experts to participate in real-time TV interviews without traveling.

“The ReadyCam video studio enables us to react quickly to live TV opportunities and appear on live TV at a moment’s notice,” said Barbara VanEvery, Director of Investor Relations for DoubleLine Capital. “The studio is easy to use and extremely cost-effective, and will help our experts share their in-depth knowledge of the markets with a global audience of investors.”

DoubleLine is recognized for its wealth management, asset management and capital markets expertise. Because of this, the firm’s in-house experts are frequent guests on worldwide business networks.

Now available for video communications via ReadyCam Studio:

  • Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO and Chief Investment Officer — Forbes magazine recognized as one of the “Most Powerful People in the Financial World.”
  • Jeffrey Sherman, Deputy Chief Investment Officer — Manages the firm’s derivative-based and multi-asset strategies
  • Bonnie Baha, Director of DoubleLine’s Global Developed Credit team

To schedule interviews with these and other experts, please contact Barbara VanEvery at (213) 663-8220 or e-mail DoubleLine Media Relations. For other ReadyCam Studio video communications requests, visit our ReadyCam locations map.

About DoubleLine Capital

DoubleLine Capital LP, a registered investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, acts as the investment adviser for the Fund. DoubleLine Capital and its related companies (“DoubleLine”) managed $102 billion in assets across all vehicles (as of June 30, 2016), including:

  • open-end mutual funds
  • closed-end funds
  • exchange-traded funds
  • hedge fund
  • variable annuities
  • and separate accounts

DoubleLine’s offices in Los Angeles can be reached by telephone at (213) 633-8200 or by e-mail at For requests, please contact DoubleLine® is a registered trademark of DoubleLine Capital LP.

About ReadyCam video communications

ReadyCam Studio is a convenient, single camera HD video studio that transmits broadcast-quality, live video feeds to networks anywhere in the world. The video studio is fully equipped with a PTZ camera, professional quality audio and lighting, electronic backdrop, recording options, web-based controls, and IP-based transmission. VideoLink professionals remotely control the video studio so talent can be ready to appear on live TV in less than an hour, eliminating the need for additional studio staff.  The studio can also be used to record corporate video.

Learn more about the ReadyCam Studio and how it may be right for your organization.