Company’s Investment Experts Can Now Participate in Live TV Interviews

 BERWYN, Pa. (March 20, 2018) – Brinker Capital, a leading investment management company focused on multi-asset class investing, announced the opening of its ReadyCam® Studio at its Berwyn, Pa offices. The in-house studio now enables Brinker Capital’s thought leaders and institutional investment experts to participate in live TV interviews without leaving the office. Additionally, the studio complements the company’s digital marketing initiatives by enabling them to record thought leadership and market update videos when needed.

The ReadyCam Studio is remotely controlled by VideoLink professionals. It therefore simplifies and expedites the live TV appearance process by eliminating travel to off-site locations or to major metropolitan areas, and enables Brinker Capital’s experts to be live on TV in less than an hour.

The financial services industry recognizes Brinker Capital as a leader in investment management and provider of exceptional service to financial advisors. The newly-installed ReadyCam Studio enables Brinker Capital’s team of specialists to comment on breaking news. In addition, they can provide recorded video commentary on market movements.

Brinker Capital’s initial list of experts available for live TV interviews includes:

  1. Tim Holland, CFA, Senior Vice President and Global Investment Strategist

Holland is responsible for developing Brinker Capital’s top-down macroeconomic and capital market outlook. Additionally, he cultivates Brinker Capital’s messaging as it relates to the company’s investment views and the positioning of its portfolios. Holland also serves on company’s Asset Allocation Committee and Manager Research Committee.

  1. Thomas K.R. Wilson, CFA, Senior Investment Manager and Managing Director, Wealth Advisory

Wilson oversees Brinker Capital’s Wealth Advisory business which is responsible for providing tailored investment solutions to institutional and high-net-worth clients. As a member of Brinker Capital’s Investment Committee, he directs the implementation of the company’s multi-asset class investment philosophy and discipline in institutional and high-net-worth portfolios.

To learn more about booking a ReadyCam Studio for live TV interview, please visit our ReadyCam Locations Map.

About Brinker Capital

Brinker Capital is a privately held investment management firm with $21.7 billion in assets under management (as of December 31, 2017). For 30 years, Brinker Capital’s purpose has been to deliver an institutional multi-asset class investment experience to individual clients. Brinker Capital’s highly strategic, disciplined approach has provided investors the potential to achieve their long-term goals while controlling risk. With a focus on wealth creation and management, Brinker Capital serves financial advisors and their clients by providing high-quality investment manager due diligence, asset allocation, portfolio construction, and client communication services. Brinker Capital, Inc. is a registered investment advisor.

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