VideoLink is proud to welcome Brandywine GLOBAL to our network of ReadyCam® Studios.

Before the addition of this studio, Brandywine Global executives conducted network interviews from VideoLink’s Philadelphia office. Now, they are available for live, on-air commentary directly from their headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. With a TV-ready studio on-site, portfolio managers and research analysts can respond to news requests immediately, without disruption to their day.

”The addition of the on-site studio allows me to accept more live interviews since I no longer have to leave the office to drive to the studio, instead I just walk down the hall,” says Patrick Kaser, Brandywine Global’s Portfolio Manager.

“We are excited to see Brandywine Global transition from a studio guest to a ReadyCam partner,” says Gregg Bevan, VideoLink’s Vice President of Production. “Given their breadth of expertise, we expect to see their executives on the news frequently. Especially now that it’s easier for them to share market updates and investment recommendations.”

Using VideoLink’s EnhancedIP™ transmission, Brandywine Global’s ReadyCam Studio transmits HD video and audio over the internet. The system can also be used to record video and stream webcasts to global audiences.

Looking to book the ReadyCam Studio at Brandywine Global? Head to our ReadyCam locations map to book any VideoLink-affiliated studio.

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