Non-Profit Legal Interest Group case study

Live webcasting town hall meetings streamlines company communications.


Webcast high-quality, monthly town hall meetings from Arizona headquarters and feature live executive contributions from Washington, D.C. office simultaneously


Install ReadyCam® Studio in Washington, D.C. office and a ReadyCam Receive Station in Arizona headquarters


Remote executives and headquarters’ employees can participate in monthly town hall meetings as if they are in the room together. Headquarters’ employees enjoy highest quality video and audio without the high cost of video crews


ReadyCam Studio and EnhancedIPTM Technology

The Client

> One of the largest non-profit legal interest groups in the U.S.

> The organization’s headquarters are in Arizona, but several senior legal counsel members work in a Washington, D.C. office.

ReadyCam Studio aerial view

The ReadyCam in-house, remotely-controlled studio enables D.C. executives and correspondents to quickly respond to live town hall meetings in Arizona, eliminating the need for travel and scheduling challenges.

The studio is fully-equipped with an HD camera, broadcast quality audio and lighting, an electronic backdrop, and IP based transmission. There’s no need for on-location video expertise as the company’s AV team can operate the studio on site or remotely using the VLGateway interface.

Headquarters needs an effective way to host monthly company meetings with live content from their D.C. office

Our client, one of the largest, non-profit legal groups in the U.S., holds a monthly town hall meeting to keep employees up-to-date and ensure effective communication throughout the organization. The company is based in Arizona, but several senior legal council members and contributors work from Washington, D.C. The distance between headquarters and the D.C. office made it difficult to conduct companywide webcasts that enable a free flow of live communication.

The video challenge was two-fold. The quality had to be high enough to provide viewing by the audience on two large projection screens. The video had to be low latency as well, since live interaction between the remote participants and the panel in headquarters (as well as with the audience) was critical to the success of the meeting. The in-house collaboration technologies they had did not provide the video quality or reliability needed. Hiring professional video crews or using satellite technology was considered too expensive. Their technical AV team tasked with this challenge was small, so the solution needed to be easy to implement and operate.

Firm installs ReadyCam Studio in D.C. and ReadyCam Receive Station in Arizona headquarters

With ReadyCam Studio, company meetings can feature live contributions from D.C., making a more engaging experience for attendees. The ReadyCam Studio employs AVI-SPL VideoLink’s innovative, proprietary EnhancedIP (EIP) transmission technology. EIP enables broadcast-quality video transmission over the public internet from the D.C.- based ReadyCam Studio to the AZ headquarters in less than a half-second. The video is projected on two large screens and the audio is sent to the auditorium’s sound system. Audience members ask questions to the D.C. contributors using wireless handheld microphones. The D.C. contributors hear the questions in their IFB (earpiece) and respond to these questions real-time, thanks to the low latency transmission.

Management of the video production and transmission in D.C. is easy, since all studio control is handled remotely via ReadyCam Studio’s internet based VLGateway portal. The AV team has the flexibility to deploy whomever is available to run the production, regardless of where they are located.

Town hall meetings run effectively, efficiently, and successfully every month

The CEO, legal council members, and AV technology staff now enthusiastically use the ReadyCam Studio to run monthly town halls. Executive transparency, employee alignment, and engagement have improved in a cost-effective manner.

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