Netscout case study

Following the success of 2020’s VENGAGE, NETSCOUT asked AVI-SPL VideoLink to return to produce its ENGAGE21 summit.


NETSCOUT sought new ways to captivate audiences at their annual user conference.


Partner with AVI-SPL VideoLink VLCreative’s team to produce an interactive event, featuring video wall technology that connected virtual guests with live presenters in a grand setting.


A dynamic five-day virtual and in-studio broadcast to 2,600 global attendees, featuring face-to-face presenter interaction, with 60 attendees at a time.

Netscout leader hosts  live event from virtual studio
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The Client

> World leader in network service assurance, security, and business analytics

> Protect 90% of Tier 1 service providers and the Fortune 100

> 3,000+ employees worldwide

The Scope

> 60 pre-recorded sessions

> 5 day virtual conference

> 2 interactive keynote sessions

> 1 dynamic virtual studio

Enhance attendee engagement

NETSCOUT sought to diversify the virtual event experience for its ENGAGE21 summit following VENGAGE 2020’s success. Familiar with our expertise and innovative production capabilities, NETSCOUT approached AVI-SPL VideoLink for next-level virtual event solutions.

AVI-SPL VideoLink proposed an immersive event concept that would bridge the virtual platform experience with an on-location set production. NETSCOUT was impressed with our vision and AVI-SPL VideoLink was hired to produce the event.

Bridge virtual with traditional

The Concept: Direct 60 remote presenters hosting hour-long pre-recorded sessions. Build a brand-specific on-site studio with 360 degree camera angles and industry leading interactive video wall technology.

Establish an on-site control room to capture interactions between in-studio presenters and remote guests, and conduct post-event live Q&A sessions.

The Approach: Creative producers develop 18 short, hosted interstitial roll-ins, featuring “Coming Up,” “Recap,” “Fun Facts,” and event-related messaging.

Production crews manage set construction, broadcast operations, and coach presenters and attendees to guarantee every angle of talent and audience interaction is captured.

Personalized event experience

Featured prominently in two keynote presentations by NETSCOUT’s CEO, the virtual event production format was deemed a huge success by the client.

NETSCOUT’s CEO was able to present, take, and answer questions from nearly 60 video wall attendees individually, personalizing the event experience for the global audience and himself.

ENGAGE21 culminated in nearly sixty hours of flawless video content, over five days to 2,600 attendees. As a result of AVI-SPL VideoLink’s immersive broadcast format introduction, creative expertise, and reliability, blended with a 30% increase in attendance, and solid ROI, NETSCOUT plans to further elevate the event experience in 2022.