Digital banker case study

ReadyCam® Studio enables a digital banking service to generate greater visibility and brand awareness through the increased use of high quality video.


Our client could not use video effectively to support its marketing goals due to high cost, lengthy production time, and uneven quality across departments. Senior management was reluctant to embrace video as a leading communication tool.
Establish a standard process for professional quality video production enabled by the implementation and use of ReadyCam Studio.
Our client has realized higher quality, lower costs, and greater consistency. This has led to increased use of video for brand awareness, product marketing, and thought leadership.
ReadyCam Studio

The Client

> One of the largest digital banking services in the United States

> 2 million customers and over $120 billion in total deposits

> Over $12 billion net worth in 2019

> The organization is headquartered in Michigan

Readycam Studio
(ReadyCam Studio) allows us to add the element of video for organizational announcements and leadership announcements that were always on email or text. (The studio) allows you to put a face with a name and get to know the leaders and the others in the company.”

– Marketing Director

Expanding digital banker in need of cost-effective solution for internal and external video production
To increase brand awareness, our client, a premier digital banking service, was exploring new ways to incorporate high-quality video into its marketing and communications efforts.

Since multiple departments were using different methods for video creation, our client was challenged with quality and consistency issues. It also took too long and cost too much to produce most video.

Recurring production problems led to decreased interest among company leadership.
Our client explored several external solutions, but none met its need for regularly produced and edited content at a reasonable cost.

Firm installs ReadyCam Studios in North Carolina and Michigan
Our client discovered ReadyCam Studio after attending a conference. The broadcast-quality production studio’s fully integrated support and operational features instantly caught their attention.

ReadyCam Studio addressed their need for high-quality video, production flexibility, quick turnaround time, and ease of use. Because it met the needs of five departments, they collectively contributed to the purchase of two studios and a video receive and record station.

High-quality video generates awareness and makes a human connection with investors
With multiple single-camera studios in place, the on-site producer is now creating regularly produced high-quality video content. Time for studio set up is largely eliminated. All camera lighting, audio, and backdrop controls are managed remotely via the VLGateway web portal. Settings for lighting, shot composition, and audio levels are saved and recalled for each production, saving setup time. Using the same interface to choose their preferred streaming platform, the video is encoded and transmitted to YouTube. For productions originating from the Michigan studio, our client’s video producer runs the production from North Carolina using VLGateway and records the video on their receive station, enabling immediate editing.

“I got an email late last night saying, “Can we film first thing in the morning?” We were able to do it. It was on YouTube within two hours of walking into the building.” – In-house Producer

Our client is now producing much more internal video content, including leadership announcements and press releases, previously done via written email. Externally, our client produces thought leadership interviews on CNBC and other broadcast networks.

With faster production turnaround times, lower costs, and greater consistency in quality, the executive team is enthusiastically embracing video as a primary medium for marketing communication.