Bill Murray is one of my favorite funny men.  Whenever I come across one of his movies, I stop and watch. At the top of my list is Groundhog Day.  A classic from 1993, Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, a TV weatherman who, during an assignment covering the annual Groundhog Day event, is caught in a time loop, repeatedly living the same day.  Every morning, he wakes to the Sonny and Cher tune “I Got You Babe,” and discovers the day’s events are repeating exactly as they did the day before. Soon he learns that his actions have an impact on his surroundings and can change the outcome of the day, allowing him to escape the time loop.


“There is no way that this winter is ever going to end as long as this groundhog keeps seeing his shadow.” – Phil Connors


Does this scenario sound similar to you?

Your company leadership has a town meeting scheduled to communicate an important and timely message to your employees. However, because many are working from home, you need to rely on your virtual meeting solution to capture and deliver the video event.  The virtual meeting solution has limited capabilities and cannot handle the capacity. The town meeting falls short of expectations, resulting in anger and frustration at the highest levels of your organization. You continue to use the same tools for subsequent events, but you obtain similar results again and again.


“You’re a producer. Come up with something.” – Phil Connors


I am happy to say there is a way to escape the time loop.

VideoLink’s production experts are addressing the issue of quality communication daily via their virtual town hall service. This solution is dedicated to providing video town hall webcasts from a few to many, with professional production management, content development, and broadcast quality.

Using your organization’s preferred web-based meeting application as a video contribution point, VideoLink works with your team to develop a compelling broadcast, customized to your organization’s preferred look and feel.

Furthermore, we guide your presenters through the production process, by learning about their environment, understanding their onsite video capabilities, and sharing best practices for using the technology at their fingertips to create the most engaging virtual town hall webcast possible.

When ready to broadcast, VideoLink encodes and transmits the program via an enterprise-grade streaming service. This service enhances stability in both broadcast quality and increased audience connectivity, allowing you to reach larger audiences.

So, we skip now to the end of our virtual meeting Groundhog Day movie, where you wake up to the tune of “I Got You Babe” (doesn’t everybody?), sit down at a laptop, connect your leaders to VideoLink’s production team and they begin their address to your employees to share valuable information. Unlike previous days, the meeting is uninterrupted and ends without issue, and everyone who viewed the virtual town hall meeting leaves informed and content.

What a great ending, right?  So, keep walking past Ned Ryerson (you’ll have to watch the movie to get that reference). Give us a call to help you break your time loop and get started on your new virtual town hall meeting journey. You can also check out AVI-SPL’s “5 Keys to a Successful Virtual Event” when planning your Town Hall here.


Kevin McCarthy
Vice President of Production