An experienced professional video production partner can be an essential piece to pivoting an organization for remote presentations and virtual communication during the pandemic.

Pre-COVID, my wife, a mental health counselor, met her clients in person. Originally, counseling sessions involved a session room, seating area, eye contact, and the ability to read physical emotions. COVID-19 made this impossible; it shut down personal connection-based businesses like hers. But my wife’s organization immediately pivoted its practices, adopting web-based meeting applications to provide virtual counseling from home.

Transitioning to a virtual medium was not without its challenges. Fortunately, my wife lives with a video production professional – me! I helped her create an inviting and effective setting for her. We repositioned pictures and furniture for proper camera framing and lighting techniques and ensured good camera and audio quality. Within a few weeks, her clients transitioned to online counseling sessions with little impact on their individual progress.

Similar success stories transpired for businesses everywhere, including video production companies.

For an organization to pivot, it must start with a willingness to use its experience to problem-solve new challenges. Then its time to adapt the business model and embrace the new normal. Organizations like VideoLink, that adapted internally and externally, pivoted, and found success. Our team rapidly shifted from their steady flow of in-studio and on-location productions to successfully support remote presentations and virtual communications.

Decades of Experience & a Willingness to Problem Solve

Our production team’s years of remote broadcast experience enabled us to problem solve event logistic and technical challenges while transitioning to at-home work life. In this time, the team solved unique challenges and developed proven procedures for all our provided services.

Of course, it helps that we have decades of experience in remote video production via VideoLink’s ReadyCam® Studio, a broadcast-quality single-camera video production studio. Our team has been virtually connecting and coaching subject matter experts with news networks and media outlets for nearly 30 years!

Adapt the Business Model

Pivoting to virtual events such as company town hall meetings, panel discussions, and even multi-day conventions and conferences happened quickly but, more importantly, proactively. Initial client calls asking, “how do we shift from in-person to virtual?” have turned into valued partnerships consisting of repeat business and new business referrals.

Pivoting proactively keeps the doors open but develops a level of trust and confidence with your customer regardless of the challenge, even worldwide pandemics.

Embrace the New Normal

My wife has started to transition some of her clients back to the office, more of a hybrid approach – some in-person, some virtual. The same is true of video production and VideoLink services. Virtual or in-person does not have to be mutually exclusive.

As restrictions lift, integrating traditional studio and remote production services with virtual participants is an option. VideoLink is already providing hybrid production solutions to its customers.

Challenges, big or small, are inevitable at some point. Partnering with those that can pivot quickly and effectively will allow you to stay the course too.

Upward and Onward.