Universities that leverage video in their marketing efforts are rising above the noise of a competitive higher education marketplace.

College fairs, newsletters, and mailing campaigns are no longer enough to hold the attention and interest of today’s prospective and enrolled students. The new generation of students craves quick, attractive, and easily digestible information in the form of videos on social media, websites, and other platforms. That is why it is so essential to have video as a part of your higher education marketing strategy. Video is a powerful and compelling tool that effectively connects your university’s messaging with prospects and students.

Reasons to Incorporate Video into Your University’s Marketing Efforts

  1. Increase visibility. The higher education market is densely populated. The more quality video content you create, the more likely you are to attract prospective students.
  2. Increase applications and enrollment. With video, you can easily create compelling content for each step of the admissions process. Show prospective students the unique advantages of your university through a medium that captures their attention.
  3. Reach out-of-state/international prospects who might not have the ability to visit your campus. A significant portion of the college decision is finding a school that is your “perfect fit” – but long-distance might prevent a prospective student visiting campus. Video allows you to be more accessible to out-of-state prospects and show off your institution’s unique features.
  4. Increase student engagement. Students want a college that communicates with them on their level. They aren’t going to work to engage with the university, which is why you must bring your content to them on their platforms. Use social media, Youtube, and live streaming to deliver students the content they want through high-quality video.
  5. Showcase professional expertise. A big part of the college decision – particularly for parents – is the level of knowledge and experience your faculty offers. You can show off the impressive range of faculty experts your university has through webinars, live interviews, and prerecorded lectures to give prospects an accurate representation of what lecture experience is like on your campus.

The college admissions process is no comfortable journey. Video can help connect you with prospective students, making you all the more accessible while also easing their college journey.

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