My daily routine has changed quite a bit in just a week.  No longer am I hopping in my car, stopping by Dunkins to get my large hot with cream and no sugar (You got to ask for a HOT coffee in New England, otherwise they’ll give you iced coffee – go figure), and start my commute to work.

Now, I walk down to my make-shift basement office, pop on my headset and touch base with my team using a web-based meeting application.  They see and hear me, I see and hear them.  We may be in different locations, but the message still gets communicated to all, just a little differently.  Our lives have changed this week. They will most likely continue to change, as we progress through this crisis, but the need to communicate to our families, our employees, and our clients is more prevalent than ever before.

Even while self-isolating at home, you can still deliver a professional and compelling message to your employees and constituents by combining web-based meeting applications, enterprise-grade web streaming platforms, and VideoLink’s broadcast-quality production facilities and experienced technicians and production managers.

The solution is a three-step process:

Step 1: Web-based Meeting Applications

Remote presenters originate from their locations and connect to VideoLink via a web-based meeting application, such as Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts.

Step 2: Program Creation

VideoLink receives the remote presenters at one of our VideoLink Production Control Rooms where we create a “program”.  The program consists of all presenters and any supporting content, such as PowerPoint, video roll-ins, or graphics.

Step 3: Enterprise-grade Web Platform Encoding

VideoLink then live-streams the program to either an enterprise-grade web platform, such as GlobalMeet or On24, or a social media site, such as YouTube or Facebook.

This solution allows a CEO, or a small group of executives, to communicate an important message to a large audience in a formal setting using existing or available technology.

In these challenging times, adaptability is the key that will keep companies and organizations moving forward.  We can help you deliver your important messaging regardless of your current location.  Give me a call, or better yet, let’s meet face-to-face, virtually of course.

Change your routine. Stay connected. Keep communicating.


Kevin McCarthy