Video strategy – what to expect

Crafting emotional video strategy for brands.

Okay. You’ve identified video as a strategic component of your overall marketing strategy.  Now what do you do?

Create a unique, scalable video plan.

It’s no longer enough to create ad-hoc videos and hope to achieve a competitive advantage. There’s too much video clutter. With so many options for video, it takes a plan to stay focused on the ones that will get your brand noticed. A video strategy with VLCreative is designed only for your brand, and helps your organization precisely target what videos you should create.

Engage in a meaningful development process.

Do you ever get the feeling you’ve seen a strategy before? You won’t when you work with us. We ask you the questions you might not think to ask and uncover new perspectives on your marketing challenge. Through our development process, we get to know your organization, your competitive challenges and your overall business goals. This intimate understanding of your business helps to strategically align video concepts with your corporate objectives.

Follow your creative video journey.

A VLCreative project doesn’t end once the process is complete. Content planning is only the first step in executing your strategy.  We create a comprehensive, easy to implement plan with detailed video project overviews and options to help you produce your videos in the best way possible.  We stay with you on your journey with scheduled check-ins to be sure you stay on track. A custom follow-through plan ensures your videos are meeting your overall objectives.

Video is now a mainstay of your engagement strategy.  A video strategy makes it the most powerful tool in your marketing mix.

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