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Learn to Think Like a Media Company

October 4, 2013
Learn to Think Like a Media Company
The effort required to produce worthwhile video scales proportionately as production increases.

Chances are, your first reaction to the title is something along the lines of “this sounds like a lot of work, we’re not a media company, why should I bother to learn to think like one?” It’s a fair response. Here’s the answer: if you’re going to be producing video, learning to think like a media company will make your video content creation efforts more efficient, and more likely to be successful.


Creating videos that cuts through the clutter — even just one video — takes some work. The effort required to produce worthwhile video scales proportionately as production increases. The need to create video on a regular basis, video that your audiences are eager to watch, is what’s driving the rapid explosion of B2B and B2C video. Up until now, the only companies that have been succeeding with video on this scale for many years are media companies. Now that your brand, however large or small, can compete with them head-to-head for viewers, you want to know how they’ve been doing it.
Let’s take a quick look at the parallels between what you want to do and what media companies do, starting with you.

Sounds like a lot, right? This is where media companies come in. They’ve streamlined each of these disciplines, and given them cool media-industry names. Let’s take a look at what media companies do:

Still sounds like a lot of work to learn and master, correct? Smart brands know it’s worth it. In upcoming posts, I’ll discuss topics around the areas outlined above, and point to some key lessons you’ll want to learn from media companies in each of these categories. As we progress, you’ll begin to see your video strategy come into view, one that will give you a significant edge as online video continues to become essential to your businesses’ growth and prosperity.

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