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Answers to Your Top Video Production Questions

April 4, 2014

The Video Production Essentials webcast is over, but everyone is still buzzing about the topic! It’s exciting that brands are shifting toward video, and I’m thrilled that we are part of that shift. It’s also exciting that the webcast is generating more questions about what types of video to produce and how best to use it. So stay tuned for more on this conversation.

In the meanwhile, let’s talk about an interesting question submitted during the webinar: Should I move video production in-house?

As a marketer, I believe video is as much an art as it is a science, so I look at both the costs associated with staffing, facilities, and equipment as well as how committed the business is to using video as a strategic marketing tool.  Additionally, I think about how much control I need over the creative process, my budget and overall video quality.

When thinking about your commitment to video, review whether or not video is an integral part of your marketing strategy.  Take a hard look at the types of video productions you want to produce, what the number of video should be, and how much in-house support you have – video specialists, crew, equipment and facility space.  Then examine whether video is giving you lift relative to other marketing communication tools.

When thinking about the costs, consider not only your staff, crews and equipment, but time and resource consumption.  For example, how much additional time and resources are needed to execute your video plan and post-production?  Is your current process scalable?

Weigh the pros and cons of control, budget and quality against your marketing strategy.  Then decide if your ROI on your video plan justifies the costs of maintaining an in-house staff.  You may find that using both an in-house staff and a third party partner might serve your needs best.

To learn more about when to bring production in house, download the Top 10 FAQs here.

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