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Video Marketing Strategy Drives Strategic Conversations

December 1, 2014

Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is one of the best ways to create an engagement culture in your marketing organization.  Your video marketing strategy is both a process and marketing tool that helps you create engaging content that has both context and purpose.  A strategy will not only help you build long-term relationships with your customers, it will provide a disciplined approach to creating content that matters to your customers.

First things first.  Find your message.

Venn Diagram_Strategic ConversationsSo how do you find the right message?  It is the intersection of what you think you should say, and what your customers want to hear.  Try to think like your customer and visit the websites they might visit – maybe it’s a competitor site, or blogging sites, online newspapers or retail outlets.  Then compare what you learn with what you want to say.  At some point, there will be an overlap of the two conversations.  And this is where you want to be. Once you have determined how and what to communicate to your customers, start planning for who views what content and when during the engagement journey.

Next, identify your videos.

A simple way to get started with video is to make a list of the things you do every day or every quarter.  Remember to include customer success stories, product demos, market trends reports or quarterly company newsletters.  Then Sample video calendardetermine whether any or all of them can be communicated through video.  Create a simple calendar to help establish the timing of your new videos.  Start with five or ten short videos. (A video should be as long as it needs to be to communicate your message in a straight forward way.  A rule of thumb to follow is two minutes or less.)  Focus on the content and monitor how your audience interacts with the it.  This will help you create better content.

Map your video content to a 12 month calendar.

Editorial calendars are a tactical component of your video marketing strategy. Below is an example video calendar.  Every business is different.  Your video assets should support your overall marketing goals and initiatives.  Use this format as a guideline.12 month claendar_video

Create a meaningful customer experience.

As marketers compete for customers’ attention, creativity and a laser focus on the customer will become more and more important.  Visual content elicits an emotional connection that traditional marketing pieces cannot achieve.  Your ability to continuously tell and update your brand story is essential and video is the most powerful way to do it. You’ll need to differentiate your video content at every stage of the customer experience and have a plan to do it. If you want to learn more about video marketing strategy and planning, contact us.

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