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Why In-Studio Webcasts?

March 16, 2017

Webcasting is fast, efficient and highly cost effective to stream live town halls, annual corporate meetings, employee on-boarding, product training and compliance. Many of our clients are finding that in-studio webcasts provide a comfortable environment to communicate their message and engage their audience. Our Director of Production, Kevin McCarthy, sat down to discuss a few benefits of in-studio webcasts.

A Relaxed Environment

A well done in-studio webcast provides a relaxed environment for both the client and the on-camera talent. This allows the client to focus on the message and content, rather than worrying about the unexpected. “What’s great about an in-studio webcast is the ability to cater to the client and talent. Setting up a green room with snacks and coffee and providing make-up for the talent are just a few things that can ease the stress the day of the webcast”.

Production Quality

Just as the content of the webcast is important, so is the production quality. With a live webcast, there is no reshoot or second chance, you have one shot to get it right. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a production team that you can trust. Poor production quality and outdated equipment and sets can distract the audience from the message that your talent is trying to communicate.

Depending on the number of speakers, Kevin recommends multiple cameras. “Having the ability to have different framing from multiple cameras is a great way to keep the audience engaged. It’s much more effective to see multiple views of the talent interacting with each other on set rather than seeing just one camera viewpoint. It’s also important that the studio set is reflective of the brand and message. You don’t want to have distracting set elements that will take away from the message. A studio can also be custom designed with sets and backgrounds appropriate to the topic or they can remain strictly generic.

Audience Engagement

Slides that support your message should be visually appealing to capture the attention of your audience.  “To make a compelling webcast we recommend you integrate video, PowerPoint slides, live polling and Q&A. This makes a live webcast a powerful marketing tool that will maximize content retention and generate engagement with the audience.”

Another great way to keep the audience engaged after the event is to record the live webcast for both on-demand viewing and for many other purposes. “On-Demand access allows for a large audience to view your content.  In addition, repurposing the content, such as editing it into shorter segments and posting them on your website or social media outlets, allows you to increase your audience.”

There are many benefits to doing an in-studio webcast. A relaxed environment, production quality, and audience engagement are just a few. So, next time you’re thinking about doing a webcast, hop into a studio and see for yourself!

For more information on video production site selection, read our blog post “Your choice of video production environment is as important as your message”.

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