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Web Stream Your Next Company Town Hall – Part 1

February 22, 2017

A Cost-Effective Solution to a Professional Town Hall Experience

Company town hall meetings have become an important part of internal communications strategies across many organizations. They are a great way for senior leadership to share company updates and goals, promote company communication, and provide an open forum for employees. However, getting all of your employees to a single location can be costly, especially if they spread out over multiple locations. Livestreaming your town hall is a cost-effective way to ensure you reach all of your employees. Adding a live web stream to your next town hall can seem like a big production. However, it does not have to be.

I recently sat down with VideoLink’s VP of Production, Kevin McCarthy to talk about best practices for planning your next town hall.

Preparation is the key to success.

There is a lot of planning that goes into town halls, both on the client and production side. For the client, it is important to first set an agenda. This will help you determine what message to communicate, how much time is available, and who will be speaking.  Kevin recommends that “whatever the message you are communicating, it needs to be visual. Creating appealing PowerPoints and supporting videos is a great way to keep the audience engaged. Many of our clients create upbeat pre-produced videos to kick off their town hall, and it really gets the audience interested.”

Having the talent practice in advance of the town hall is crucial to making the event successful. Remember, addressing an audience on stage is much different than addressing an audience via video. You want your talent to be relaxed and comfortable.

Whether you’re internally producing the town hall or outsourcing, it’s important to meet with the production team, so they fully understand what you are looking to accomplish. This includes surveying the location, determining technical requirements, choosing transmission options, and assisting with creative direction and editing if requested. “What the audience sees in the room is different than what the web streaming audience will see, so it’s important to look at all technical and logistical aspects before the event to make sure their idea becomes a reality.” Up next, tips on how to make the day of your Town Hall a success.

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