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Top Tips for Signing Virtual Event Sponsors

July 29, 2020

Sponsorships are the lifeblood of events. They allow organizations to create events with expo floors, in-demand keynote speakers, multiple tracks and sessions, and networking opportunities. Events cannot exist without sponsors.

Virtual events have taken the place of live events in our “new normal”. The great news is that virtual events deliver all the benefits of live events and more. But, sponsors have little or no experience with virtual events.  Event teams must now overcome several new obstacles to secure sponsorships, including explaining the value of virtual event sponsorships.

With years of virtual event production experience, our team has helped brands present to prospective sponsors and overcome common concerns.

Below are our top tips to educate, excite, and secure sponsors for your virtual event.


Highlight Value

Define the event visually and detail specific deliverables early on. Use samples, recorded demos, screenshots, and case studies to present a high-level picture of how virtual events engage audiences.  Additional points to make early in the sales process include:

2-4x greater registration, 2x greater attendance, and 30% increase in engagement

Data incorporated from VLCreative virtual event productions.


Develop Creative Offerings

Virtual event sponsorship offerings will typically be at a lower cost than live events. We suggest that you price sponsorship levels accordingly to allow your sponsors to see a satisfactory ROI. Some key points to consider for your pricing model:

Exclusive sponsor discussions and presentations.

Premium speaking session at AVI-SPL’s virtual sales conference.


Overcome Negative Perceptions

Virtual events are often mistakenly equated with Webex presentations or Zoom meetings. Assume at the outset of the sales process that you will have to define your event against negative perceptions. Some tools to employ:

Virtual expo halls - a familiar environment

Virtual expo hall at AVI-SPL virtual sales conference.


A polished and organized virtual event strategy that keeps your sponsors’ objectives in mind is an attractive proposition. Confidence and enthusiasm for new services are contagious. Be a good educator and a great partner, and sponsors will come. Executing an exceptional virtual event will strengthen and expand your professional partnerships with sponsors.


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