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Three things to consider about video.

March 10, 2016

From technology to branding, three video experts discussed their biggest challenges and trends in video during our panel discussion during Navigating the Video Technology and Content Landscape.  Gregg Moss, SVP video & broadcast team, Bank of America, Lou Davis, video production lead, EY and Leigh Willis, director of engineering for VideoLinK were my guest panelists.

Biggest challenge for 2016:  The rate of change of technology is really incredible and keeping up is the biggest challenge. Top challenges include finding the right technology to connect with (and analyze) your audience in a timely manner, protecting the data network and seamlessly adding video to mobile. Gregg Moss is focused on getting video to mobile in a seamless way, and protecting the data on the network. Security of the data and the network is extremely important and challenging.

Targeted and personalization is key to drive consumption.  Constantly looking to integrate new technology to ensure the right content is delivered at the right time.  A set of video tools that helps you create the right content and distribute it to the right audience.  A hybrid solution at Bank of America is seeing extremely high engagement success – over 50%.

Video quality vs. brand values.   It’s a constant balancing act, but there’s always the challenge of I can do it fast, why shouldn’t you.  When you shoot a video cheap and fast, you often don’t think about the message.  Because you can shoot a video with a DIY tool, it doesn’t mean you should.


Watch the video to hear more about these topics and what makes a great video.

The Navigating the Video Technology and Content Landscape was sponsored by CMMA and uStudio.  Be sure to check out their sites to learn more about them.

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