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United Capital delivers a fresh take on storytelling for Financial Services

September 11, 2015

What makes a great video? Emotion. Turns out, emotion is also behind successful financial planning.

Paul Sullivan sits down with United Capital’s CMO Gail Graham. Watch video.

At least that’s the picture painted by Paul Sullivan. The New York Times columnist, and author of “The Thin Green Line: Money Secrets of the Super Wealthy”  explores how the super-rich achieve financial security. His recent interview with United Capital’s Chief Marketing Officer, Gail Graham, captured on video in our Newton studios, delivers a captivating story less about the mechanics of investing and spending habits and more about how money is really just a reflection of how we live and what makes us happy.  So what does this have to do with United Capital?


Making connections with investors

United Capital, a boutique financial investment and wealth management firm, is a brand differentiator, helping investors understand the deeper issues surrounding money.  Recently the investment firm re-branded itself with the tagline “Financial Life Management”, driven by the discovery that their customers’ perception of money was uniquely tied to their personal goals and family choices.  An essential element of the new messaging is to connect to customers on their terms, rather than from the company perspective.  The idea for a video content series featuring Sullivan came from Graham. Sullivan’s book had referred directly to United Capital’s philosophy. Graham connected that Sullivan was speaking to the same audience she was trying to reach. And there a relationship was born.

Why this series works?  Emotion and authenticity

Graham and Sullivan weave a great story about family, finances and money.  They successfully tap into fears, stresses, family and how money fuels life but doesn’t make it. They tell personal stories – about their own marriages, their families, their worries – and through authenticity, the message is far more engaging and compelling than a traditional financial services approach to now-familiar money management tips. With the stakes getting higher and higher to earn engagement from audiences, United Capital chose a novel way to entertain and educate, and as a result this series distinguishes them from their competition.

Kudos to United Capital for this successful video content series. Have an idea for a video? Let’s get creative.  Contact our creative group.

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