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Standish Mellon uses video to move beyond traditional marketing

Advances vision for customer-centric marketing using video

Since it was originally conceived some fifteen years ago, VideoLink’s ReadyCam® on-site studio has achieved extraordinary success by offering experts and executives live access to world-wide media outlets using professional video capabilities without ever leaving their offices. Throughout its growth, Sony broadcast quality PTZ cameras have been a crucial enabling technology in delivering what is now over 8,000 network feeds a year for clients across the globe.  The ReadyCam’s latest camera feature enhancement brings full HD studio quality and capabilities wherever and whenever needed.

Transitioning into the Engagement Era

At Standish Mellon, a Boston-based investment management firm, the ReadyCam has made it simple to create a digital presence.  “Our external communications had been strictly old-school relying on in-person meetings, conference calls, printed articles and the like,” said Diane Viera, manager of the firm’s marketing initiatives. “This past year, we’ve transformed all that using the high-definition ReadyCam system.”

Becoming Customer-Centric is Rewarded

The Standish marketing team said that easier live TV appearances is only part of the picture when it comes to understanding just what the ReadyCam delivers for corporate communications. The biggest advances have come from in-house video production. “In the past, our regular web-ex calls with clients forced them to dial-in at a predetermined date and time. Providing the same information as an online video allows them to connect on-demand. We’ve tripled participation by letting our clients connect on their schedule.”

Opting for online video has other advantages for the firm as well.  “Video vastly enhances the relationship our portfolio managers have with our clients. Being able to see their portfolio manager creates a greater sense of connection than just listening in on the call.  We’re in the relationship business and the video quality we get from the ReadyCam system, adds an emotional dimension that we really just can’t get with an audio call or a powerpoint presentation.”


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