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Managing the challenge of short-form video requests

May 6, 2015

The recent Communications Media Management Association (CMMA) conference in D.C. this past week was an eye-opening event.  Throughout the conference, brands highlighted interesting challenges when it comes to creating branded content, particularly concerning managing and producing short-form, “personality driven” video requests.

The age of engagement starts with video

As we enter the age of customer engagement and enlightenment, the ability to produce relevant and engaging short-form video is not only an imperative for marketing success, we may need to shift our marketing focus on it as we enter the second half of 2015.  In a recent blog post on iMediaConnection, about short-form video, Irfon Watkins wrote “As far as users are concerned, video is no longer just a fun extra feature to stumble upon as they browse the web. Video, and particularly short-form video, is the thing that is bringing them to the web in the first place — repeatedly.”

If you believe that video is what drives your customers and prospects to your website and ignites engagement with both internal and external audiences, then it’s time to re-think where video plays in your marketing mix, and more specifically, where short-form, quick turn video can make the most impact.

Why short-form video

Forward thinking organizations are using short-form rich video content to tell their corporate story in meaningful and emotional ways. Their customers demand it, and if it’s not delivered, they know their prospects and customers may go elsewhere to find similar content. Employees want it. “Personality-driven” video keeps employees involved in the corporate conversation. For internal communications, short-form video is a real winner. It enables marketing and communications leaders to build internal brand ambassadors. Video is an easy way to encourage employee interaction and engagement.  No matter where employees are located, capturing them on video helps them feel part of the company culture. If brands can master the short-form (including long-distance) video requests, there is one more tool in their communications mix to enhance their corporate storytelling ability.

The evolution of short-form video

What’s really cool about short-form video is that it has evolved from somewhat predictable interview-style video into personality driven video with very personal and direct messages (executive communications to employees) and more produced video that includes corporate b-roll and presentation highlights. More and more enterprise organizations are recognizing the need for executive communications and corporate stories to drive transparency and engage employees, advisors and customers.  Short-notice, interview style video requests are happening more frequently and media and video production teams need to be responsive, even if content experts are located in multiple office locations.

Long-distance or remote video acquisition – why you should start thinking about it

Why am I telling you about long-distance (remote) video acquisition?  Because your corporate voice and storytelling should not be limited by time, resource or location, nor relegated to DIY options such as smartphone video and personal cameras. And, because your communications and video creative production teams care about brand and production values which just can’t be met with DIY options. Short-notice video requests with talent that’s located across the country will become more prevalent as more and more executives embrace the power of video communications. If you could master the challenge of remote video acquisition and eliminate the challenges of location, time and production value, wouldn’t you do it?

Let’s start thinking about how to say yes to short-form, short-notice personality videos and yes to controlling brand and production values.  Learn how Nuveen Investment addresses the challenge of remote video acquisition and eliminates most of the time, resources and money constraints in the process.

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