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Three At-home Video Production Upgrades to Consider for Your Next Big Broadcast

December 8, 2020

Our clients are telling us they want to improve their video capture solutions. Webcam quality is getting old, especially for C-level executives. And it is hard to consider this video quality a long-term solution amid a pandemic that will carry on well into 2021.

Are you contemplating a transition to a better at-home video production solution but struggling to justify it? If so, here are three business applications where an upgrade is essential.

On-demand Video

Recorded video messaging has always been in high demand – even more so with our inability to travel. Video quality expectations have always been high, and we expect will continue in the mid to long term. Executives are now trying to create content from home with the video tools used for meetings. But webcams and mobile devices, computer-based audio, and a lack of professional lighting cannot deliver the production quality desired.

Live TV Interviews

Network interviews are a great way to comment on your organization’s performance, market trends and enhance your personal and company brand. They are also considered high-risk communications for you and your brand. Pixelated video, poor audio, and dropped connections can reduce the value of your message, brand, relationship with a network, and opportunity to showcase your brand via a backdrop.

Virtual Town Halls/Conferences

Town halls and conferences took place in auditoriums, meeting spaces, or studios pre COVID. Now they are virtual, with production teams supporting the program and platform. Web-based tools are the current standard for contribution to these events, and they are satisfactory in many cases. As the occurrence of these events accelerate, C-level execs are beginning to experience presentation burnout.  Companies are now exploring solutions that provide a hands-off (of technology) experience and premium quality video and audio.


Everyone has a computer-based webcam.  They are easy to use and require no additional investment.  Quality, often good enough for live events, falls below expectations for recorded video.

External webcams offer enhanced video quality but lack quality lighting, audio, and maneuverability for framing. Broadcast control and reliability stay with the presenter, limiting a production team’s ability to maintain consistency and quality.  Also, if the transmission method is subpar, it doesn’t matter how good the camera equipment is.

Custom Built Kit

This is a viable solution that will improve audio and video quality. Going this route enables the presenter to assemble a collection of preferred equipment (camera, audio, lighting).

Finding and connecting compatible devices can be costly and time-consuming and may require IT assistance. These configurations can be bulky and alter room aesthetics. Video quality will only be as good as the transmission method chosen. Remote production support can also be a challenge.

Turn-key Contribution Systems

Turn-key systems can be considered the high-end at-home broadcasting option. They offer higher quality video and audio, give AV teams greater control, and are supported as an integrated system, as opposed to a collection of individual products. Sometimes these systems, usually designed for dedicated studio rooms, are large and bulky and may require home modifications. They require a larger investment than the other options as well.

ReadyCam® Pro – VideoLink’s Solution to At-Home Video Production Challenges

VideoLink offers a remotely controlled turn-key solution, ReadyCam Pro. Our single-camera solution is designed specifically for the home or office, needing no room modifications. It features broadcast-quality video, audio, and lighting and eliminates on-site technical challenges for the presenter. Its footprint is small and flexible.

Fully controlled by remote video production experts, ReadyCam Pro ensures proper framing, lighting, focus, and audio for all broadcast and video creation applications.

If you or your organization needs an at-home video production upgrade, give us a call at 617-340-4200 or email us at

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