Remote Video Content Acquisition

Remote video acquisition gives you a competitive response time advantage.

What if your executive thought leaders are in multiple office locations and you need to capture a short video message or story, how would you respond to this video request? What if your employees want to be more involved in the corporate culture but are limited by location and time?  There is a solution.  With a ReadyCam Remote Receive station, organizations can economically deploy and manage their own corporate video network, making media and video production teams more responsive to video requests.

Wasting a day of travel, the expense of a crew and missed internal production opportunities are a thing of the past with remote video acquisition capabilities. You can produce high-quality, short-notice remote video for approximately half the cost per finished video. The stress and disruption associated with producing these videos is minimized. And should you ever need any assistance, our video experts can assist you.

Capture HD video and audio from a central location

Remote video acquisition over the internet

How it works

The remote receive station works with your ReadyCam remote controlled video studio. You can intake to edit with additional editing software, HD video and audio from your other ReadyCam locations. Using an internet connection and the EIP network, the ReadyCam sends an HD-SDI feed that can be streamed live to networks or captured by your remote receive station for post-production.  Remote video acquisition is an accessible and cost-effective method of capturing remote talent on video.

Create flexibility for your video creative team

The remote receive station gives your video creative team flexibility!  Your team no longer needs to travel to off-site locations and video production services are more widely available to the organization.  Your creative team can control,coach and record talent from another location which streamlines the entire video production process. Video requests (when edited in-house) can be turned in hours, rather than in days. This remote capability means you can maintain your high production values (video and audio) and consistent brand values without traveling to a remote location.

Empower users to produce more off-site live and short-form video

Remote video acquisition capabilities empowers corporate users and news stations to create more live and short-form video. All you have to do is access your ReadyCam studios via the web GUI, and your video team can capture live HD video and audio and stream it over the EIP internet network. It’s the cost-effective, efficient way to capture remote remote subject matter experts or live TV interviews if you operate a newsroom.

Don’t leave your video opportunities to chance.  Your content communications strategy is not a DIY effort. Connect your company and create your own video content network. Hear how Nuveen Investments uses the remote receive station to create more video content without needing additional time, budget or resources.

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