ReadyCam Studio Uses

Live and recorded video that is convenient and accessible.

ReadyCam studios enable executives, thought leaders, media relations, and communications professionals to appear on live TV instantly, and make HD video accessible to everyone in the organization.

The many uses of ReadyCam:

Live TV

When the phone rings for a live TV interview, you need to be ready. When a crisis hits, timely communication with the media is critical. Respond to news quickly and efficiently without leaving the office. VideoLink manages the entire process and you’re on-air in 30 minutes!  Prepare for your next live TV interview with these tips.

Video Communications

Create the conversations and relationships your employees and customers want with video. Personal, executive video communications is now the go-to medium to connect and motivate employees. ReadyCam eliminates the time, resource and cost factors typically associated with video production. Everyone in the organization can easily share stories, corporate messages and company updates. With the ReadyCam studio, making video is both simple and fast.

Satellite Media Tours (SMTs)

The ReadyCam studio is a cost-effective choice for conducting live media appearances. Using your studio for media tours means your executives and PR spokespeople never need to leave the office and can reach many markets across the world in a matter of hours instead of weeks. No more coordinating multiple calendars, crews or media outlets. VideoLink will record and stream your video so you can reach millions of viewers worldwide quickly and effortlessly, saving you time and money.


Stream live or on-demand HD webcasts anywhere in the world using the ReadyCam. Your studio is compatible with leading content delivery networks (CDNs). We partner with the best platforms to deliver a premium, on-demand rich media experience.

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