WBI’s renowned investment experts can now quickly appear anytime on live TV

RED BANK, NJ – WBI has installed a ReadyCam® broadcast studio at its New Jersey headquarters to connect their thought leaders and institutional investment experts with networks around the world, 24 hours a day.  The studio also complements the firm’s digital marketing initiatives and enables them to record thought leadership and market update videos whenever needed.

The studio simplifies the live TV appearance process and makes it fast and easy for the firm’s experts to immediately participate in real-time TV interviews without traveling to New York City and other major metropolitan cities.  Their lineup of experts includes CEO, Don Schreiber, Jr. and CIO, Gary Stroik, co-authors of All About Dividend Investing, The Easy Way to Get Started, and WBI’s president, Matt Schreiber.

WBI is recognized for its institutional and private client wealth management solutions and the team often appears on worldwide business networks including Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV, as well as Asset.TV.  The new ReadyCam studio will enable the team to comment on breaking financial news and provide recorded video commentary on what is moving the market.

For over two decades, WBI’s goal has been to help investors stay comfortably invested by aiming to reduce risk to capital. WBI’s tactical, low volatility, alternative strategies can provide investors with a smoother ride than traditional buy-and-hold approaches. The firm’s unconstrained process invests globally to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities or raises cash in an effort to protect capital.

To schedule interviews with these institutional and private wealth investment experts, contact Alexandra Tarabour or find and schedule WBI experts through the free VideoLink expert database–VLGuru.com.

ReadyCam – The In-House Broadcast Video Studio

The ReadyCam video studio is a convenient, single camera HD video studio that only requires an internet connection to transmit broadcast quality, live video feeds to networks anywhere in the world. No additional technical staff is needed on site. The video studio is fully equipped with an HD camera, professional quality audio and lighting, electronic backdrop, recording options, web-based controls, and IP-based transmission. VideoLink professionals remotely control the video studio so talent can be ready to appear on live TV in less than an hour.  The studio can also be used to record corporate videos.

To learn more about the ReadyCam studio and how it may be right for your organization, contact VideoLink 617-340-4200.  To learn more about VideoLink’s partnership with Asset.TV, contact Marianne Rocco.