VideoLink LLC, an AVI-SPL company, is pleased to announce its partnership with Liberty Uplink, Inc. to extend KU uplink and IP over satellite services across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

A leader in remote satellite transmissions, Liberty Uplink has provided thousands of remote contributions for live television programming, live webcasts, network live shots, and sporting events. The company’s expertise in KU uplink will further VideoLink’s remote production capabilities in all of its regions.

“By partnering with Liberty Uplink, we’re able to continue to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop for top-notch KU uplink services in conjunction with our production management, crewing and studios across a much larger geographic region,” says Gregg Bevan, Vice President of Productions.

Liberty Uplink operates out of Philadelphia, Boston, and Providence, supplying KU SNG vehicles as well as KU Flyways and IP over satellite services.