Network news bookers can now find and connect to hundreds of experts with access to VideoLink and ReadyCam® studios with VideoLink’s new comprehensive online database, VLGuru™. The database, launching this week, serves as a centralized resource for producers and bookers, allowing them to find subject matter experts who have made themselves available for live shot appearances at VideoLink and ReadyCam® studios across the country. The VLGuru™ database allows bookers to search for expert guests by name, occupation, organization, industry, location and expertise. Each expert profile contains biographical information, media clips, photo stills and booking contact information. Registered VLGuru™ users have instant access to multiple experts who can appear on camera almost immediately. VLGuru™ currently lists experts who specialize in a wide variety of topics, from finance and economics, to media and music.

VLGuru™ also contains information on over 100 VideoLink and ReadyCam® studios, with locations spanning throughout the U.S. and Canada. Bookers can search for camera studios by organization, industry and location, and each studio location has a dedicated page that includes camera and transmission information, as well as booking contact information.

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