On-site video studio simplifies live TV appearances and in-house video production.

Newton, MA, April 29, 2015 – VideoLink, a leading provider of video services and production, announced today that its remote controlled ReadyCam on-site video studio was granted patent number 9,019,372 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (uspto.gov). The patented ReadyCam technology enables users to deploy and scale a remotely controlled, customized corporate video network that delivers low latency, high definition video anywhere in world.  Clients can economically manage and control brand messages through live TV and recorded video.

“We are delighted that our ReadyCam network technology has been recognized as unique in the industry”, said Rich Silton, CEO and president of VideoLink.  “The idea of remotely capturing video content and distributing it worldwide is now easier than it ever has been before. As businesses continue to embrace the possibilities of video to educate, influence and engage their target audiences, a ReadyCam video network solution will enable them to manage and control their video communications economically and in high definition.”

To book talent with access to ReadyCam studios, visit vlguru.com or contact VideoLink on 617-340-4200. To see how the ReadyCam studio may be right for your organization, please watch this overview or contact us.

About ReadyCam

The ReadyCam studio simplifies how organizations access live worldwide network programs and creates economical video work-flow processes so organizations can quickly produce and record corporate communications and other video content whenever needed. Executives and experts can participate on live TV and media programs at a moment’s notice without ever leaving their office.

The on-site video studio is equipped with an HD camera, professional quality audio and lighting, electronic backdrop, recording options, and IP-based transmission which transmits live video and audio productions over the internet without compromising quality and viewing experience. The ReadyCam can be remotely controlled by VideoLink professionals who are available 24/7/365, eliminating the need for on-site video expertise.

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