VideoLink, Inc., a leading provider of broadcast and corporate media services, is pleased to announce the launch of the new Penn Walnut Street ReadyCam® studio at the University of Pennsylvania. This is the second ReadyCam® system to be installed on Penn’s campus.

The on-site studio allows University faculty to connect with news media organizations live from Philadelphia. It is capable of transmitting high quality HD video directly to audiences around the world and can also be used to create webcasts and web video.

“Experts at Penn frequently appear on broadcast news programs from the convenience of their own campus,” says Rich Silton, President &CEO, VideoLink, Inc. “We are happy to provide them with a second ReadyCam® system, allowing more faculty members to showcase their research and expertise on television and through recorded video communications.”

To book the Penn Walnut Street ReadyCam® studio for on-the-spot expert commentary and interviews, contact Jeanne Leong or 215-573-8151. Members of the media can also view Penn’s TV-ready experts at

About VideoLink, Inc.

VideoLink Inc.,headquartered in Newton, MA, is a leading provider of broadcast and corporate media services, solutions, and proprietary video production technology including ReadyCam®, a custom, remotely-operated studio that can be installed in any office, conference room or location of choice. VideoLink also maintains several multi-camera, live-shot studio facilities located in Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore and mobile satellite uplink trucks covering the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.