MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL – The University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus now features a ReadyCam® broadcast studio to connect experts with networks around the world 24 hours a day. The studio simplifies the live TV appearance process and makes it easy for University experts to immediately access worldwide television and cable news stations. U of M faculty, staff and administrators can now participate in live TV interviews without leaving the campus.

The U of M is a top ten public research university. The flagship Twin Cities campus is one of only five institutions in the country with an agricultural school, veterinary school, engineering school, medical school and law school all on one campus.

About University of Minnesota

The University has experts in the fields of medical devices, infectious diseases, clean water, apple breeding, foreign relations, turfgrass and more. The U of M system has a presence in each of Minnesota’s 87 counties, and the Twin Cities campus hosts a Division One, Big Ten athletic department, multiple museums and the world’s largest collection of Sherlock Holmes materials.

Additionally, the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) recently named the U of M the winner in the “Innovation” category in its fourth annual Innovation & Economic Prosperity University Awards.

Experts in software security, infectious disease, and more

U of M experts in the Twin Cities are available for live or pre-recorded TV or media interviews, providing timely commentary on breaking news and events covering a wide range of topics including but not limited to:

  • Innovations in agriculture
  • Breakthroughs in software security
  • Public affairs (domestic and foreign policy and relations)
  • Developing infectious disease outbreaks (Ebola, Zika, etc)
  • Medical devices and technology

Immediate live TV access

U of M experts have immediate, live access to global news networks using their ReadyCam studio in Minneapolis, Minn.  The remotely controlled broadcast studio simplifies the live TV appearance process, so experts can be ready for a live interview in less than an hour, rather than traveling to an off-site network studio.  To schedule an expert, contact the University News Service at (612) 624-5551 or unews@umn.edu, or find and book experts through the VideoLink expert database VLGuru.com.

In house broadcast video studio

The ReadyCam video studio is a convenient, single camera HD video studio that only requires an internet connection to transmit broadcast quality, live video feeds to networks anywhere in the world.  No additional technical staff is needed on site. The video studio is fully equipped with an HD camera, professional quality audio and lighting, electronic backdrop, recording options, web-based controls, and IP-based transmission. The studio is remotely controlled by VideoLink professionals so talent is ready for a live interview in less than an hour, rather than traveling to an off-site network studio.

To learn more about the ReadyCam studio and how it may be right for your organization, contact VideoLink 617-340-4200.